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a soft lush surface that will make your home the talk of the neighbourhood


FieldTurf Synthetic Turf products provide the perfect safe and attractive solution for a multitude of residential and leisure-related surfaces.

Aesthetically pleasing, realistic-looking, pet-friendly, safe, and durable; FieldTurf’s line of landscape products is perfect for all residential applications. All of our turfs have been rigorously tested and are free of harmful chemicals. Easy to install, FieldTurf’s line of landscape turfs is perfect for a DIY installation.

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DIY Installation

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Not only will a synthetic grass surface add beauty to your home but it will eliminate all maintenance associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn.

No more mowing, watering or chemical treatments, and more time to enjoy your yard in a chemical-free environment!

FieldTurf has a multitude of residential landscape options to suit every need.

  • Garden landscapes
  • Pool surrounds
  • Backyard play areas
  • Under trampolines
  • Side paths
  • Impractical growing or mowing areas


FieldTurf’s landscape turfs are all pet-friendly without compromising on aesthetics and comfort.

With its optimal drainage capabilities along with its realistic look and feel, FieldTurf’s artificial grass for dogs is the number one choice for pet owners. Proven to provide unmatched durability, FieldTurf has proven to withstand the harshest of conditions despite requiring very little maintenance, making it easy to have a beautiful lawn year-round with minimal maintenance. Fieldturf for dogs allows you to have complete peace of mind knowing that your pets can enjoy a non-toxic and pristine grass surface at all times.

Not only is artificial turf perfect for dogs, it also helps keep the inside of your home cleaner than ever before. Artificial turf doesn’t have a dirt foundation which means no mud puddles. Say goodbye to muddy paws!


One of our preferred pet installation systems includes a specially formulated Pet Fresh infill option. This infill formula helps alleviate odours associated with dogs’ (and most pets’) daily business.

Maintenance is simple: some pet urine spray or other cleaning options available at most pet stores combined with an established usage routine and flushing with water is a quick and simple way to ensure that your turf area is pleasant at all times.

DIY Surfaces

Do you enjoy taking care of your own projects and residential needs?

FieldTurf Residential and Leisure turf products can all be DIY installed.

How easy is it? It’s as simple as rolling out a piece of FieldTurf synthetic turf and fitting it into position –
no need for joins and minimal sand infill. The only points to be considered: the size and desired purpose of turf area.

Follow these 6 easy steps:

1. Site preparation
2. Base course
3. Set out material
4. Measure (twice)
5. Joining
6. Sanding

See detailed instructions below




No matter the application, we’ve got the DIY solution for you

  • Garden landscapes
  • Pool surrounds
  • Backyard play areas
  • Under trampolines
  • Side paths
  • Impractical growing or mowing areas

Ultimate Range

Building on our classic Grassman range, we’re committed to continuous innovation in materials and manufacturing technology.

Our new Ultimate range is designed to meet the ever-expanding range of synthetic turf use cases. From roof gardens to residential backyards plus a host of commercial applications, our Ultimate range looks great and will last the distance.

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