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All FieldTurf synthetic turf surfaces are designed and tested for maximum safety, performance, durability and to withstand earth’s natural elements.

Proven Safety

Keeping athletes safe has and will always be our first priority. Find out more about our safety-driven innovations.

Keeping your athletes safe has and will always be our first priority. Every day, we push the boundaries of research and innovation to engineer the most advanced artificial turf systems in the industry. While no sport can ever be completely injury-free, we continue to find new ways to reduce the risk and severity of injuries.

Our focus on safety has led to numerous injury-reducing innovations and improvements. As a result, we have the products and experience to help you provide the safest playing field possible for your athletes. Independent multi-year research validates our efforts to provide you and your athletes with the safest field possible.


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High-performance system options….without the heat

CoolPlay, our exclusive and innovative extruded composite (EC) top dressing, allows the system to deliver the same behaviour and overall stability as FieldTurf’s Elite system fields, which can be found in some of the world’s most renowned stadiums. CoolPlay takes nothing away from performance… except the heat.


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High performance system options


The most challenging of pets can be managed with our low maintenance odour reducing technology

Outdoor products benefit from the natural cleaning cycles of rain and wind. FieldTurf additionally offers a Pet Fresh in-fill option to further assist with any possible unwanted scent associated with that of animal urine or stools. Your pets will love our outdoor turf solution.


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Drainage plays a major role in your field’s success, pay as much attention to what’s underneath the surface as what’s on top

Every element of a synthetic surface – fibre, infill, backing and drainage – plays a major role in a field’s success. No single component is more important than the others, which is why FieldTurf pays as much attention to what’s underneath the surface as to what’s on top.FieldTurf’s backing system showcases large consistent perforations on 4” centres, surpassing the majority of our competition—ensuring the field is ready for play sooner. By using a tested backing and drainage design, FieldTurf keeps systems dry and firmly locked in place.


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Synthetic Turf Drainage



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